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We are not your typical therapy practice.

Our approach to therapy is much more than just talk. It focuses on making your life better in the most effective, efficient way possible. It is based on the most current research, it makes sense to our clients, and it is always designed to fit each person’s personal strengths, needs, and resources. Read More


We use gradual Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, depending on your needs and preferences. All of us worry or become nervous and even fearful at times.  But sometimes these experiences happen too often, get in the way of doing what we want to do, or feels too bad or beyond our control. Read More


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is considered one of the most treatable problems that psychologists work with.  The treatment is referred to as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP or E/RP) and it is the most effective treatment approach that psychologists can use. Read More

Stress Management

All people experience stress.  Sometimes stress becomes chronic or so severe that it can inhibit a person’s ability to be a good spouse or parent, impair memory and concentration, lead to chronic fatigue or sleep problems, and can contribute to physical problems such as high blood pressure and infertility.  Even the most stressful situations can be alleviated with the right approach. Read More

Couples Counseling

A marriage is strong when a couple can confidently say that they are friends and partners. And being lovers makes it even better. But that rarely happens when you don’t have the first two. For more information about our marriage and couples counseling, visit CharlottesvilleMarriage.com.


If you’re angry a lot or you have a short fuse, you might want to think of how hostile you tend to be, rather than thinking of yourself as an “angry person.”  A lot of us tend to think that if someone has done us wrong (sometimes even by accident), that they deserve to be screamed at, flipped the bird, or even muttered at under your breath.  That guy that just cut you off on the road or the one that failed to pick up that thing you were giving away on Craigslist – they deserve to at least hear what you think about them.  Maybe you feel like you NEED to tell them.  That if somehow if you don’t get it out, you will go crazy or get depressed or something worse. This is called hostility.  It is directly related to high blood pressure and heart attacks in some people.  It is also related to low quality of life, marriage and parenting problems, job dissatisfaction, ability to find and keep friends – and did I mention heart attacks?  What it is not related to is getting your way.  In fact, hostility often leads to a phenomenon called reactance in the other person – the strong desire to do the opposite of what you are being asked to do.  So what do you do about hostility?  Well, just like almost everything else I blog about, it really depends on your specific situation.  You can read it in a self-help book, but does that book know anything about you? If you don’t want therapy, one good starting point would be... read more

Rob Young, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in anxiety and couples issues, including marriage counseling and intimacy problems.  I rely heavily on the most current scientific knowledge and I use the most proven treatment approaches available. Read More

Who We Can Help

We work with people who see room for improvement in their work, their relationships, their ability to find happiness, or their health and overall well-being.  Some of them want to be better at their jobs.  Others want to be better parents or to have a better relationship with their spouse.  Or they want to get past that one thing that is holding them back.  Some of them experience more intense anxiety, stress, conflicts in their marriages, or difficulty changing their own behavior.  But they all come to our practice because we use the most proven approaches, and what we do makes sense to them.